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how to overcome lack of time in physical activity

Fitness Exercises Must be ConsistentI. Continuous Fitness Exercise for Sustained EffectsSome individuals who have experience with fitness exercises may have noticed that after exer...

Fitness Exercises Must be Consistent

I. Continuous Fitness Exercise for Sustained Effects

Some individuals who have experience with fitness exercises may have noticed that after exercising consistently for a period of time, the desired effects start to manifest gradually. For example, their belly becomes slimmer, strength increases, and overall well-being improves. However, due to various reasons such as illness, holidays, or work-related busyness, if the fitness exercises are interrupted for a period of time, those effects slowly fade away. This phenomenon is an expression of the body's physiological principle of "use it or lose it." Therefore, in order to maintain the optimal state of the body through fitness exercises, it is essential to engage in safe and effective exercises consistently.

II. Phases of Developing Fitness Exercise Habits

The formation of fitness exercise habits generally occurs gradually based on a correct understanding of fitness exercises and the mastery of certain methods. The development of this habit often depends on the consistency between goals and results. This transformation can be divided into five stages:

Unconsidered stage: Individuals have never thought about engaging in fitness exercises, let alone having exercise habits and plans.

Consideration stage: Individuals start considering the importance of engaging in fitness exercises but have not taken any action yet.

Preparation stage: Individuals develop a well-thought-out plan, feel excited and motivated, but have not yet started implementing the plan regularly.

Action stage: Individuals have begun regularly participating in fitness exercises, but the duration has not exceeded six months.

Maintenance stage: Individuals have been consistently engaging in fitness exercises for more than six months, and they have confidence in continuing their exercise routine in the future.

Therefore, fitness exercises need to be continuously performed to develop exercise habits. Only by forming exercise habits can individuals avoid easily interrupting their fitness routine.

III. Dealing with Interruptions in Fitness Exercise

Once fitness exercise habits are established, interruptions can occur due to reasons such as injury, illness, work and family disruptions, or adverse weather conditions. In such situations, it is important to effectively overcome the interruption of exercise habits. Here are some strategies:

In the case of injury, exercise forms can be modified based on the injured area to maintain exercise habits while aiding in the recovery process. For example, if localized back pain or arm pain prevents participation in activities like basketball, alternatives such as walking, low-intensity strength exercises, or swimming can be considered. As long as the exercise does not worsen the injury or pain, exercise habits can be maintained while waiting for recovery.

During illness, it is generally advised to refrain from exercise, especially when experiencing fever or acute illnesses. Exercise should be discontinued until symptoms subside, and when resuming exercise, modifications to the fitness exercise plan, such as reducing intensity and duration, should be made.

In the case of family disruptions, individuals can try to allocate dedicated time for fitness exercises and seek support from family members. Ideally, involving family members in fitness activities together would be beneficial.

When work disrupts the routine, strategies such as completing exercise before work, scheduling brief and irregular exercise breaks during the workday, or creating exercise opportunities during work can help maintain exercise habits.

During business trips, fitness can be maintained by utilizing hotel fitness centers or increasing walking time during transportation transitions.

In cases of weather disruptions (e.g., rainy days), various single-component exercises such as strength training and stretching exercises can be performed in office buildings, indoor spaces, or at home.

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