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The 5 Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The 5 Benefits of Aerobic ExerciseAerobic exercise can reshape and improve your aerobic base.This process refers to the "burning" of oxygen and nutrients in the mitochond...

The 5 Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise can reshape and improve your aerobic base.

This process refers to the "burning" of oxygen and nutrients in the mitochondria, the "little engines" within your muscles, to generate energy for movement. After this "burning" process, it also helps remove waste products like lactic acid. This is particularly important because the soreness or breathlessness you experience after exercise is not due to muscle injury or lack of oxygen but rather the accumulation of lactic acid. Dear reader, due to a lack of exercise, your aerobic base has likely hit rock bottom, so it's crucial to reshape it. Think about whether you've encountered situations like being afraid to walk long distances or feeling uncomfortable for no apparent reason. These may seem insignificant, but they're not. Why?

These are all bad habits that are difficult to break. If no measures are taken, your body will deteriorate until it collapses. The ability to move freely is our inherent gift and a gift from nature. If one day you can't move, you're essentially withdrawing from social circles, and even the most helpful neighbors or colleagues will hesitate to interact with you. To put it bluntly, if you can't move, you become useless.

Why does this happen? It's quite simple, really. When we become lazy, millions of mitochondria, the "little engines," die off. As a result, your energy supply drops dramatically, and the capillaries responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, and removing waste gradually dry up, leading to a decrease in energy supply. It becomes a vicious cycle with a range of terrible side effects. In short, when you become lazy, your body slowly breaks down, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Fortunately, aerobic exercise can prevent this breakdown. It can reshape and repair your aerobic system, helping your body function again. Aerobic exercise can bring millions of new mitochondria and a vast network of capillaries. Soon, you will feel much more comfortable, light, and rejuvenated.

Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of diseases.

Aerobic exercise can significantly reduce the occurrence of inflammation. You see, inflammation is responsible for 50% of the world's difficult and complex diseases. Inflammation may seem simple, but it's actually the devil within our bodies. In other words, inflammation is our archenemy. Therefore, I want to emphasize once again the importance of aerobic exercise: by reducing inflammation, aerobic exercise can help us eliminate half of the serious illnesses. Modern medicine is indeed quite effective, but no medication can compare to this.

Let me briefly explain the underlying principle. Normally, when we sit at our desks or watch TV, blood circulation becomes sluggish, causing mild inflammation that spreads throughout the body through blood flow. When you engage in aerobic exercise, you change the chemical reactions in your blood, turning it into an effective anti-inflammatory agent circulating within your body. This is highly beneficial for your health.

Aerobic exercise improves your mood and reduces depression.

Depression is a raging beast that plagues our nation. It ruins our lives and work, leading to a range of terrible consequences. Now, with antidepressant drugs, the situation has slightly improved. However, these drugs are far from perfect. They are not only challenging to dose but also have side effects. It's difficult to adjust the dosage when your condition changes. We have noticed that aerobic exercise is the best remedy for depression. This has been confirmed by the latest scientific research.

Aerobic exercise is a powerful antidote for improving mood. For example, running can bring a sense of pleasure. Aerobic exercise enhances our overall mood, benefiting not only those suffering from depression but also everyone else. It makes us more energetic and optimistic, reduces moments of indecision and hesitation, and improves work efficiency. If you want to feel younger next year, aerobic exercise is the trick. In fact, if you take action now, you'll feel younger this year.

Aerobic exercise relieves stress.

In my opinion, stress is also a form of illness. Many of us often feel that stress follows us like a shadow, causing unease and anxiety. It's not just a matter of comfort; stress severely weakens our bodies, drains our energy, and reduces work efficiency. Stress and depression are similar; they leave us exhausted and even make us sick. Prolonged exposure to intense stress burdens our blood with inflammation—the devil within our bodies.

Businesspeople often tell me that they are too busy and have no time to exercise. How is that possible? People who exercise regularly experience less stress and higher efficiency, so their time only increases, not decreases. Get moving, and you'll see results in just a few weeks.

Aerobic exercise makes you smarter.

As Harry mentioned in the introduction, research from the past decade has shown that exercise promotes brain growth and improves cognitive efficiency by 10%. In the past, we believed that the number of brain cells was fixed from birth, and from the age of 32, brain cells gradually died until we passed away. That's not true! Brain cells are constantly renewing. New brain cells are born, observing what we're doing. If you're watching TV in a bored manner, they immediately shrink and die. If you engage in active thinking, stay busy and engaged, they join the existing brain cells and start working. The only way to increase the number of brain cells is through aerobic exercise.

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