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How do you implement physical activity?

Implementation, Organization Methods, and Categorization of ExerciseIn fitness activities, some exercises can be performed by an individual, while others require two or more people...

Implementation, Organization Methods, and Categorization of Exercise

In fitness activities, some exercises can be performed by an individual, while others require two or more people. Some exercises performed individually can also be done in a group. Based on the implementation and organization methods, exercises can be broadly categorized into individual exercises and group or team exercises.

Individual Exercises

As the name suggests, individual exercises are fitness activities that can be completed by a single person, such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, rollerblading, yoga, weight training, and stretching exercises. Individual exercises are easy to implement and allow better control over intensity and volume. They are less influenced by surrounding individuals. The downside is the lack of interaction and communication, and individuals may face various challenges without support during the exercise.

Group or Team Exercises

Group or team exercises involve two or more individuals participating in fitness activities. Some group exercises require multiple participants to perform the activity together, such as table tennis, tennis, volleyball, basketball, etc., which involve 2 to 12 people, while soccer requires more than 20 participants. On the other hand, some group exercises involve combining individual exercises of multiple participants, such as group dance, collective running, group fitness qigong, etc. Group exercises provide opportunities for interaction and communication among team members, fostering support and healthy competition. However, they may face challenges when some participants are absent, affecting the smooth conduct of the exercise.

Exercise categorization can also be based on physical fitness and skill characteristics, water-based or land-based activities, indoor or outdoor activities, and various other classification methods. In fitness activities, as long as individuals understand the four main categorizations mentioned above, they can confidently choose suitable exercise programs.

It is evident that the categorization of fitness activities mentioned above is based on different classification criteria, and the same exercise may belong to different categories based on different perspectives. For example, jogging can be classified as aerobic exercise based on energy supply, endurance exercise based on its functional aspect, cyclic exercise based on movement technique, and both individual and group exercise based on organization and implementation methods.

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